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We listen to what you want and act on that, night after night

About Us

A personalized and professional service that cleans away all your issues.  We believe in building business relationships, and being of service to our clients.  We clean with an eye for consistency. We believe our clients come into work to do their work, and should not have to worry about their areas being cleaned from the evening before.  We believe the best janitors are the ones that are never seen and thought of; our clients come into work and are more productive because we are never on their mind. That is what Jade Janitors is about - consistent, quality cleaning.

The little things do matter, 

when it comes to your overall image. 

We make sure those little things don't get in the way

Management & Culture

Our management is lead by a sound and purposeful individual who believes in cleanliness and an environment that is wholesomely clutter-free. An environment that is less obstructive so work can be performed effectively and/or efficiently day in day out. We believe in allowing you to concentrate on what matters to you most for your business, while we focus on the little details that might get in the way. 

We are entrusted within, with a cultural spirit that drives us as being a part of you, your team, and to helping you realize your business goals, totally stress free and free of all workplace obstruction

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