We are Marked Safe® certified, a COVID-19 compliant, EPA-approved process that disinfects every area for our customers. All Marked Safe® chemicals are proudly made in the USA, NSF-certified for use on food contact surfaces, and approved by the EPA as hospital grade disinfectants. We will clean and disinfect all high-touchpoint surfaces consistently to bring you peace of mind. 

We will always do our job, so you never have to feel burdened. 


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Our Reputation Glistens Because We Listen

A personalized and professional service that cleans away all your issues.

Commercial Cleaning

is what defines us

A personalized and professional service that cleans away all your issues.  We believe in building business relationships, and being of service to you.  


“Jade Janitors provides amazing service all throughout. They are completely professional and personable. Every request done at the walk through is exactly what you get. We are very lucky to have found a janitorial service that really lives up to its company policies.” 

—  Christine P, Elite Yelp Reviewer


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